Late Night Snacking Problems

I eat when I’m bored. This is a HUGE problem because for me, I do my homework at night, and homework to me is 😪😪😪 sooooo I tend to snack a lot at night, especially after dinner. 😦 this is a problem because one is not supposed to consume food late at night because apparently your body will tuned to store more fats as compared to during the day. I’m not talking about little snacks like a couple of grapes etc here and there, I have serious self control problems *sobs* I can eat peanut butter sandwiches, kaya biscuits, tau sar piah, chocolates, fruits and the list goes on. (Confession: I once ate like 3 hong piah on top of other stuff at like 11pm I am disgusting)

so you see I have a very severe problem and I really wish for my to get rid of this bad habit that I have, not just because I’m cutting down on my food intake right now, but I want it to be part of my lifestyle. I think it’s not very healthy for me to binge eat, especially late at night. More often that not, I do not actually need the food that I’m binging on, it’s an impulsive thing and I just keep stuffing my face with food to comfort myself even though my stomach is about to explode. I always feel very ashamed of myself and I bury the evidence after I eat (not very nice for my mom to see all the wrappers because I have told her to cut down my meals portion and she wasn’t very happy about it). I’m going to make myself a promise here and it’s going to be all official in black and white so I can’t cheat 🙂

Here it goes:
I, Chin Wei Yee, promise not to consume any food after dinner and fruits intake. No matter how small it is, be it grapes/a small sweet/a slice of banana cake I MUST NOT EAT IT.

Phew, that was hard HAHAH ok I’m so lame but we’ll see how it goes!! I hope I will slowly make it a good habit hehehe. I plan to brush my teeth right after my food intake at night and then if I’m really bored and I crave for food, I should go and get a cup of water to fill me up 🙂


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