My Progress Thus Far

Okay, I’ve started my “weight loss” journey at the end of may and it has been kind of around 2 months now. I’m glad that there has been progress (yay!! :-)) although at the moment it is has been very tough, I really dont know why I’m having some weight gain and my progress has been quite stagnant, so I thought maybe I should do a small throwback cos maybe it will make me feel more positive about this entire journey 🙂

So below, on the right in before and the left is after!!! 


Not a whole lot of difference but at least there is some. I’ve just got to tell myself that this will take time and I have to be patient with the results. I can do it!!!!!!!!

Diet Outline:
1200-1500 calories on avg per day
Less carbs (mainly unhealthy ones like white bread and white rice)
Cut down on excessive sugars, fats, oily food etc
No consumption of food after 9
(A bit more personal: no peanut butter/cookie butter. I’ve had MAJOR struggles with this, I cant stop myself once I’ve started hahah I finished one jar in less than a week ALL BY MYSELF HOLY SHIT. So far so good, no strong temptations :-))


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