My Love For Sweet Potatoes

You know when you love someone/something to the point where it can become unhealthy? This is exactly what I’m currently facing with sweet potato now HAHHAA. yeah I know, it’s a health food, so it shouldn’t be a problem if I eat a lot of it right? Wrong. I’m the kind of person who gets crazy obsessions and I swear I could finish like 10 sweet potatoes (I’m not even exaggerating here guys) if my mom had enough stock for me omg. I don’t even crave for fast food, sweet desserts, or other kinds of “sin food” as much as I crave for sweet potatoes!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT SO MUCH. HAHAHA I really need to control myself, my love for food can sometimes really get out of hand. 😂😅



P.s update on late night snacking: I survived yesterday night!!!! Didn’t eat a single thing after I bruised my teeth, surprisingly, I was pretty full after dinner so I didn’t really feel the need to consume food. Water kept me pretty sastisfied. 😌


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