Red Bean Buns

Red bean buns. Sigh, where do I even begin? No I’m not talking about just any old red bean bun you can find, it has to be of the finest quality made from azuki red beans. Another sigh. 😍😍😍 These buns are EVERYTHING. the filling inside is just nice a little chunky and the sweet flavour together with a plain yet fluffy bun- oh my god I’m drooling as I write. They are good for my soul, but not so good for my thighs HAHA. These kinds of buns are actually quite high in sugar because the filling inside, that delicious red bean paste, is oh so so sinful. 😭😭 My mom gets them from a shop called mama patisserie, and I WOULD KILL TO HAVE THEIR RED BEAN BUNS. They are always very generous with the filling inside so that gains lots of plus points 😍😍😍 BUT let’s head back to the main point, SO, right now I am having major cravings AGAIN SIGHPIE, and I really want to eat the red bean bun that my mom has bought but of course, I can’t because it is after dinner time and I have also exceeded my calorie intake for the day. Moderation is key, I must limit myself, control the greedy monster in me that wants to binge eat. Mind over matter!!!!



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