A very sadist post that many people will hate me for lol

Hahaha I think there has been many kinds of food that I just simply reach for because I just want to comfort myself but I then realise that my body doesn’t even need it and I am hurting myself by binging on such rubbish. Every time I binge in something (eg like eating 3 muffins at one shot) I feel extremely terrible after that I kinda have this very sick feeling in me at that moment where I don’t ever want to eat that particular food ever again. So right at that moment I record down my feelings on how I feel to make sure that I don’t ever do it again. (Lol people will probably criticise me for writing such stuff and think that I have some serious problems like why can’t you just be happy and eat food it’s the most beautiful thing on earth blah blah but yknow 😦 that’s why I write in this blog where no one will know)

So here it goes!

Food that I shouldn’t eat cos it’s disgusting

Hershey white chocolate bar, it isn’t as nice as it sounds anymore trust me I ate it and it was very heavy and sticky and felt like I was eating sugar fats

Mcdonalds, one word and you know it, disgusting, all oil and food that isn’t probably isn’t even food. Chicken nuggets are mashed up whole chicken and your fries is all processed.

Muruku, don’t need to even be jealous that there is so much of it cos it isn’t even nice. The taste is dry and numbs your mouth. Awful. Got such a fishy aftertaste too.

Bee Hoon, disgustingly fatty noodles that are so unhealthy and oily ew

Vegetable biscuits, taste kinda funny now like quite ugh

Bread talk muffins, just forget it you miss the old one and now is nothing like it not buttery not fluffy and the raisins are so measly it’s not even worth a muffin calorie. Btw the chocolate one isn’t even any better it is so dry and so little chocolate chips. If you want to eat muffins only waste the calories on the one frm bukit timah if not don’t. Rmb you want skinny thighs!!!!!!

Bubble tea, it is basically just colouring and sugar water. If you want such drinks just add some sugar to water and see if your thighs will absorb up all that sugar and convert it to fats or not

Old Chang kee, all processed foods fried in deep dirty dripping oil so gross like fats

Chocolate, nah don’t eat the whole thing it will make you have that sticky numb feeling in the mouth with is very gross and disgusting it’s not even really that nice anyway. Anyway chocolate a little but got so much sugar it will expand all your fats, ask yourself you want fats or skinny thighs???

Peanut butter, rodent hair and insects yucks gets all sticky and numb and oily and fatty you sure you want to eat it? Ewwww confirm will fat one

Scones from cedele and four leaves they are bland and dry and the four leave one is too fluffy it’s not really like a scone so it’s not even worth the calories. Don’t eat it seriously if you want a scone just buy the mama one if not don’t eat it you will regret cos you will be fat for sth that is not even nice


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