Horrible Thoughts Collection (August)

2/8 12.57pm
CRIES my mom bought four leaves scones and there are still so many left I am very tempted to eat one but I shouldn’t. 1) yesterday was a major binge day already so I should go back to being disciplined today and not fall back into a food coma again 2) I don’t even really really really like four leaves scones THAT much it’s just that I am a sadist and I just want to satisfy my cravings. (Ps I will only eat mama scones from now on, they are cheap and good!!!!! 😍😍😍) 3) they are too fluffy for a scone and they are a bit dry. It’s not even really worth the calorie intake 4) if I can say no to this it means that my mind is strong enough to make a comeback after a failure. It is something that I will need to continue making more progress so I should start NOW. SAY NO TO SCONE WEI YEE. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.


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