TGIF binge eating

Okay guys, I’m very ashamed of myself. On Friday, I was so relieved because it was the end of the week and I had a full week of intense dieting. Starting from early in the morning, I ate more than I was supposed to and in the afternoon I actually went to buy scones and red bean bun for me to snack on. Little did I know that when I went home my mom had also bought more food (curry bun, red bean bun, sushi, banana) and I was so full, I had a FOOD COMA. A FKING FOOD COMA GUYS. I was so full, my stomach was on the brink of exploding and throughout the entire training I was unable to move much. It felt awful, not nice at all and I think it has taught me an important lesson not to be greedy. Today is Saturday, and I am prepared to start anew even though it is the weekends and I know that I will eat more. For breakfast, I had a red bean bun, kaya with biscuit and a scone. It’s a whole lot more than what I’m supposed to eat but I guess I won’t be snacking for the rest of the day anymore because I am really too full. I guess in life there are times where there will be too much on the platter and we just have to control ourselves yknow? I don’t need it, so I shouldn’t force myself to it just because it is there. I have learnt an important lesson and I never want to experience a food coma again because it is such a horrible experience. I want to be fit and lean and skinny!!!!!!


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