Weekends- the reason why I can’t lose weight

Aish sighpie… I hate the weekends, I don’t know why but I seem to always use the excuse that because it is the weekends I am allowed to eat more… And sometimes it’s not even because I’m hungry, I just want to stuff my face with food because for some weird reason it comforts me???? I really should stop this very bad habit of mine and I am going to start NOW. For every week, I understand that I should give myself a rest day, so, I am going to allow myself on Saturday ONLY to consume up to 1700 calories, however the rest of the days of the week I have to strictly stick to 1200 esp on Fridays since I always always slack off and this is very bad. I need to learn that stuffing my face with food is not good for my body and it doesn’t even need the nutrients!!! (The food I binge on is all unhealthy fats really I am so ashamed 😓😩) so, from next week onwards I have to work extra hard. I will be gg to japan in 3 months time and by then I MUST be able to wear jeans I don’t care, I must do it. I can’t give up.


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