Post lunch feelings

Okay I am going to be honest, today’s lunch was downright DISGUSTING. my mom didn’t go to the mixed rice stall to buy the dishes (I told her to buy vegetables only) but instead she went to the vegetarian stall. Their style of cooking us slightly different in the sense that they cook a salty base of bee Hoon to eat with the plain dishes so that it balances out. I didn’t want to eat carb for my lunch therefore I only asked my mom to buy the vegetables. And they were gross. They were so plain I just couldn’t omg ugh I know it’s healthy but seriously I’d rather much eat something that tastes much nicer and is equally healthy. Thank god I had my avocado and at the end I ate it with a bit of biscuit so my lunch pretty much ended on a good note. The avocado made me really really full so I don’t think I will be craving anything throughout the day tbh. I honestly just want to say that my belly is so full, I think I should be thankful for the fact that I have food to eat and not complain. The fact that i can fill myself up with nutrition, I should be simply thankful for that. I am going to be very contented with what I eat today for the rest of the day because I I literally feel like exploding now because I ate a good meal so I should be happy ☺️☺️☺️


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