About Me

Hello!! I’m Wei Yee and I’m 15 years old! It might seem weird as to why I would create a blog just because I want to lose some weight but it’s been a very hard time for me (as my progress has been stagnant for about 2 weeks now) and I feel that maybe writing a blog to document my journey can help me a little along the way as I can get out all the negativity in me through writing 🙂 basically, I’m not exactly pleased with the size of my thighs and it has been very hard for me to shop for clothes (esp when I have to buy 3-4 sizes bigger of jeans just so that they can fit my thighs). I know there will be people out there saying that I am in no way fat and I shouldn’t be losing weight blah blah and I should be happy with who I am but I think it is very hard for to me accept it especially since I have also heard from others who do think my thighs are a bit hmm… Not proportionate to the rest of my body shall we say? HAHAHAH. And also, since I play my sport, badminton, relatively competitively, I know I cannot afford to lose majority of my muscle mass in the process of slimming down my thighs, which means I have to be extremely careful about they way I diet and also this will also make sure that I remain healthy!! I think I understand my body rather well, I tend to store fats on my lower body, areas like my butt and upper thighs (HAHAH SAD LIFE). Furthermore, I am very determined to slim down such areas because these areas are mostly fat and they do not have muscle at all. (I actually wouldn’t be so upset if my upper thighs were big but they were muscles) I really wish to be able to fit into jeans one day (omg such shallow goals srsly but yknow HAHAHHA) SO, I’m going to document my journey and my progress as I continue (it has been two months in already!) working towards my goal!!!! SKINNY JEANS I WILL CONQUER YOU HAHAHAHA.

P.s right now I’m just using this blog to write down my thoughts and feelings to help me along the way, but if there are more readership numbers along the way, maybe I’ll also blog about some tips and ideas etc that has helped me along the way hehehe 🙂


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